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Bend-It Soccer Premium Match SOCCER BALLS, Size 5


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Product Description

Our Size 5, Bend-It-Soccer Match Soccer Balls feature custom-design, kick-specific patented VRC (Visual Response Color) technology. These revolutionary high-visibility designs that let you see the ball bend, move and rotate against any background through the air, so you’ll be able to clearly see your kicking and soccer skills beef up!

Do you get annoyed at how expensive OFFICIAL FIFA Match Soccer Balls are? Have you tried replicas and been disappointed? Go ahead then, buy our Match Soccer Ball, as they are just as top of the range as OFFICIAL MATCH BALLS but at one third of the price. See why we are rated the best-value-for-money match soccer balls on Amazon. The Bend-It quality stamp-of-approval means everyone around you knows you train with genuine match balls.

Our SPECS ARE UNRIVALED AT THIS PRICE; thermally-fused or hand-sewn construction with PU(polyurethane) surface. Our expertly bonded craftsmanship ensures it’ll last for years, so go ahead, you’ll be able to kick any of our match ball as hard as you wish to have.

OUR ONE-OF-A-KIND unique patented VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology is the real kicker: To maximize kicking power when taking free kicks, penalties or corners, you will need to kick the valve, the hardest a part of the ball. Bend-It developed VPM technology to show you precise foot placement, the sweet-spot position on the ball. If you wish to start kicking like a pro you wish to have to practice like a pro!

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mens, womens, boys, girls, unisex-adult


8.3, inches, 430, grams, 8.3, inches


Bend-It Soccer


Bend-It Soccer


830, hundredths-inches, 830, hundredths-inches, 105, hundredths-pounds, 830, hundredths-inches






Bend-It Soccer




Bend-It Soccer


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