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Tennis: Game, Set, Match

As a sport, tennis has a peculiar attribute in that the number of players is one of the smallest you can find. Single players or teams of twos can compete against each other, making a total of two to four players on the court at any given point in time. While this may seem strange, it actually makes perfect sense as the sport tests the skills of a single player with his handiness of a racket as he keeps a small ball in play by shooting it over a net to his opponent. As the modern version of this game has its roots in England’s countryside, the sport itself has transcended many economic and social barriers around the world. As we discover the sport’s history and how it’s play, we’ll soon uncover a clearer picture into why it’s such a popular sport today.

While tennis and other racket games have been around for centuries, it has developed into a popular trend that transcends the barriers between social-economics within all societies. Needing very little equipment and having a relative minimum of rules, the game of tennis is an easier sport to comprehend and play whether the players are young and learning or experienced, playing on a professional level. From its early origins to the game we see today, tennis has become a sport that individual skill can be set against another of similar skill without the accompaniment of a larger team to hinder the game’s progress. This sport is a true measure of one’s skills handling a racket and a ball upon a rectangular court.