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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey: Brawling to Victory

Imagine fighting an opposing team over a small round puck as you skate across ice. While it may seem crazy to some, that’s exactly what an ice hockey player does at each game. Each player of a team can be found defending the puck and its possessor or trying to steal the puck away through means of physical contact, much like you’d find on a football or soccer field, except on the slippery surface of ice. As the NHL or National Hockey League has helped in developing this sport into its present day presence, ice hockey has become a popular pastime within recent history, joining the ranks of other popular sports within the United States and even around the world. As a game played with a ball and a stick, this sport has evolved from games played for centuries, even millennia, prior to the formation of Christianity.

While ice hockey can be traced back to the millenniums prior to Christianity’s birth, its true form as we know it today didn’t actually come into being until the late 1800s when it came to Canada via British colonization. As hockey developed into a popular sport either indoors or outdoors, the use of an ice rink and a puck has made this game a popular sport on a worldwide scale. As it spread from Canada into the United States and eventually Europe, ice hockey has found its niche alongside other sports with its induction into the Olympics and as a sport to be enjoyed from a little league level to a professional one. As its rules and regulations continue to update themselves, it will be wondrous to see what lies ahead for the sport in our future.