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Golf: A Sport of Patience

One of the most interesting sports that has come from our history is that of golf since it doesn’t have to be played with any opposing players. Single players can enjoy the game as they compete against their last set of scores, hoping to lessen the value. The key to this sport is having the least number of strokes of the club to get a small ball into a hole by the end of an 18-hole game. Played with a set of clubs and a small, white ball, this sport has come a long way from its modern origins in Scottish history to the game it is today. As we delve into this history and how the game is played, we’ll soon discover the draw that many have towards this sport as a sport of individual patience and skill.

With the complexities of golf at hand, many golfers have found simple pleasure in the calmness of the sport as they follow the etiquette outlined by the USGA as well as the rules. Whether a player chooses to walk the course or hitch a ride on a cart, they can enjoy the thousands of yards that a typical course has, gaining practice and exercise along the way. Choosing the right club for a particular swing will vary among the golfers as they all have their own style of play that leads to an effectively lower score with each game completed, or at least that is the hope for a golfer. While a skilled golfer will always hone his/her craft, any golfer benefits from continued practice, testing themselves and their approach to the game either as an individual player or a player amongst others.