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American Football: A League of Champions

One of the most popular sports you’ll find in the United States is American football, or football as it is called by most American living within the borders of the United States. With great stars on both the professional and collegiate levels, this game is one of the most viewed year round, especially when its ultimate championship game comes around each year. The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed and enjoyed each year, generating almost $10 billion in revenue for the league each year. While this sport is relatively new compared to soccer or rugby, you’ll find that its history is filled with changes and notable instances that only emphasize how quickly this sport has taken the spotlight and kept it shining upon its players and teams each year compared to the other sports. As we delve into the sport’s history and gameplay, we’ll quickly see what makes this sport so appealing to so many in the United States and even worldwide.

American football has come a long way in becoming one of the most popular sports on a national and international level in a relatively short amount of time. From the beginning days of college play to those on a professional level, the concern for safety and the fun for spectators has led to a number of rules and standards to keep the game interesting while also protecting the players as much as possible in this high-contact sport. With greats like John Heisman, Troy Aikmen, and even Peyton Manning, American football has become one where spectators have come together to root for their favorite team, feeling the pain of loss and the elation of victory as their team fights for their ultimate right to the ultimate championship of the Super Bowl. At the Super Bowl, the victors have the right of glory and the right for bragging until the following season.