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Basketball: Dribbling Down the Court

With the rise of sports, one that has taken many by storm and has gained popularity as an indoor sport is the one known as basketball. With the NBA as the most popular and professional basketball association known today, basketball has sprung up as one of the top sports where players can build themselves into something of value to society despite their backgrounds. With a ball similar to a soccer one, basketball shares some similarities closer to those of American football and others as the gameplay allows for the use of hands over feet to handle the ball up and down the playing court. While this sport allows for contact like those of other sports, there are stricter calls for penalties should the contact be too much. With a newer history than other sports, basketball’s origins are interesting as they took this game and made it into the popular sport it is today.

Though basketball is a relatively new sport with less than 150 years of creation, this sport rose quickly in popularity as a viable indoor sport, allowing players from the high school level and higher reach even greater heights as each player proves his/her mettle with the game. From its humble beginnings, the sport and the NBA have risen far and continue to rise higher as the game keeps developing new teams and encompasses greater areas across the world with its inclusion into the Summer Olympics. As the sport continues on with its simplistic equipment needs compared to other sports, basketball has shown its promise for greater tidings within its future in the world of sports and physical activity.